Disney Parody Video Asks What Happens AFTER All the Dreams Come True (VIDEO)

After Ever After - DISNEY Parody Despite my disappointment with Oz the Great and Powerful, I’m a major Disney fan, my all-time favorite being the most classic princess movie, Cinderella. (Sigh!) But I had to laugh when I watched this brilliantly hilarious parody video that delves into some not-so-romantic -- but maybe pretty realistic -- scenarios for what happens AFTER the “Happily Ever After” credits roll.

The lyrics start out swinging: “If you’ve ever wondered why ... Disney tales all end in lies ...” and goes on from there! Ariel’s mad at BP for polluting the oceans with deadly oil, while Jasmine can’t find Aladdin because he’s been arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist. Then there’s poor Pocahontas who has to take matters into her own hands ... and you’ll never guess what Belle’s being charged with ...


But it’s all tongue-in-cheek, and this kid who sings all four parts of the four-part harmony is incredibly talented. And, of course, the music is amazing, because, after all, it’s Disney! Here, you really have to watch for yourself!

Isn’t he awesome??!! I had to watch it a several times because I kept changing my focus; his facial expressions are so great! And the writing is hilarious -- “Now I hear that PETA’s gonna take my Beast away!” -- but it also strikes some truthfully sad chords. The Pocahontas bit in particular was hardest for me to laugh at, because the reality of her life, and the fate of the Native American Indians who suffered through the invasion of the Europeans, was sure a far cry from a Disney tale.

Ah well, we need our fairytales, and thankfully Disney keeps serving them up. We have plenty of reminders of the sad facts and injustices in life -- and we need them -- but we also need fantasy and magic, to remind us of the beauty in a world where sometimes dreams really do come true.

What’s your favorite Disney fantasy?


Image via Paint/YouTube

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