Why a ‘Bring Your Baby to Work’ Office Sounds Like a Disaster

baby computerWe were all envious when we heard about Marissa Mayer's private nursery. Wouldn't we all love the same thing. Well ... maybe you can. A blogger recently suggested a solution for working parents. And it's not what you think (in-office daycare). Nope, it's a "babies-at-work program." You know, a program where your boss just lets you bring your baby with you to the office, and you still work and everything, but you also take care of your baby yourself at the same time.

Yes, this is a real thing. There's even a consulting company called Babies in Business Solutions that helps everyone sort it out. And you know what? This sounds utterly insane.


I mean, really? You're bringing your BABY to work with you -- and you're going to get stuff done?!? How does that work, exactly? Because when my son was a baby, I couldn't get anything done with him around.

I know we all have different kinds of babies. Mine was high-maintenance. Even past the newborn stage, he wanted to be held at all times, no matter what. He had a hard time sleeping soundly unless he was cuddled up against one of his parents. Not only did he want to be held all the time, he wanted our attention -- constantly. To hold this boy was to spend hours babbling, playing games, goo-goo-gooing. There was no off button.

His father, an artist, had these fantasies about taking our son to the studio and working while baby dozed in a sling. Ha! So did not happen. Even that was impossible. Baby at the office? We couldn't even manage baby at the studio. That kid was just too demanding.

But some of you have those blessed Buddha babies, you lucky ducks. Maybe you could manage? Perhaps ... but what about everybody else? Every time someone brings in a baby into the office, all work stops so we can all gather around and coo. I'm sure the novelty would wear off, but it would still be too distracting. Delightfully distracting, but distracting.

And what about those moments when you have to choose -- go to that meeting, or change that diaper? Change that diaper in the meeting? Really?

I just think when it comes to office work and babies, you really do have to choose between one or the other. EACH deserves your full attention. Juggling both is going to cheat them both.

What do you think would happen if you tried to bring your baby to work with you?


Image via Etereal9/Flickr

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