Blind 4-Year-Old Takes Inspiring First Step From Curb as Mom Cheers Him On (VIDEO)

Gavin Robert StevensHands down, this is one of the sweetest, most inspiring videos I've seen in while. In it, 4-year-old Gavin Robert Stevens is captured taking his first step off of a curb. It doesn't sound like much, but considering the fact that he's completely blind, it's a monumental moment.

According to the post on YouTube, for the past couple of months, Gavin has been getting used to getting around with a cane, and he insisted on doing this himself. As scared as he must have been, he shows incredible bravery. "I can do it! I can do it!" he says in the sweetest little voice.

His mother is right there rooting him on. "You can do it baby -- go ahead, you're safe." And then he does. Watch it after the jump.


It's just such a sweet a moment. I'm sure that mother's heart filled with pride. There has to be such incredible fear when raising a child with a disability about what their future will look like, and this surely gave her such a great boost of reassurance to see him take such a big step toward independence.

According to the family's foundation page, Gavin was diagnosed with Leber Congenital Amaurosis as an infant, and went completely blind thereafter. It's an extremely rare disease and there's currently no cure, but his parents are holding out hope that a treatment will be developed and are raising money to help fund research. In the meantime, they are incredible examples of resilience and strength.

His mother wrote: "We mourned for his vision, but we didn’t lose focus of the big picture. Gavin is happy and healthy." Good for them. Good for Gavin.

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