10 Phrases Teens Use & What They Mean

Teens gossiping\" height=Teenagers have their own language. OK, so it's not official -- but every day on the street I'm walking by some group of teenagers speaking something that may as well be Swahili. They're all in the know, too. It's as if someone sends out some complete teen lingo guide and within seconds, they've all downloaded it into a memory card hidden in the back of their necks.

Now understandably as a parent, you may feel a little confused. I'm sure when your daughter shows up with friends after school, you wanna be in the know. You want to know how to interpret this teenspeak.

Lucky for you, I'm here to help you out. Check out our easy-to-read guide of 10 slang words teens are ALL over, with context clues.


1. YOLO: Meaning "you only live once," something said when you're about to do something you may regret.
Context: "This dress may be pricy but whatever, it's prom -- YOLO!"

2. Frenemy: An enemy disguised as a friend. You know that whole "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" saying? Yeah, a frenemy is often a person a teen hangs out with regularly that they don't really like.
Context: "Taylor TOTALLY has a crush on my boyfriend, she's a total frenemy."

3. Sick: No, it doesn't mean infected. On the contrary, it means awesome.
Context: "Those shoes are totally sick! Where did you get them!?"

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4. Photobomb: When two people are taking a photo and someone either knowingly or unknowingly ruins it by being in the picture.
Context: "This photo would have been soooo cute if Taylor totally photobombing it with that weird face in the background."

5. Newb: A newbie. Someone who is new to either an experience, group, or scenario.
Context: "She's a newb to the cheerleading squad, but has a ton of potential!"

6. Epic fail: Super fail. Big fail. Doesn't always mean disaster.
Context: "I wanted to grab Starbucks before class but had to drop off my little brother at karate practice. Epic fail."

7. Money: When something is perfect.
Context: "That new skirt is money!! Where did you get it?!"

8. Busted: When someone or something isn't good looking.
Context: "Did you see the new girl in Physics? Her body is awesome, but her face is busted."

9. My bad: Another form of sorry or an apology.
Context: "I didn't mean to bump into you, my bad."

10. Ratchet: Ugly
Context: "Tonight's about to get ratchet."

Do your teens use any of these words? Do you have other slang to add to our list?

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