A Man Can Want an Abortion & Still Turn Into a Good Dad

baby footOlympic skier Bode Miller is embroiled in a bitter fight with ex-girlfriend Sara McKenna over the custody of their month-old son, and things are getting ugly. McKenna is telling the world that the gold medalist once pushed her to have an abortion. It's one of the reasons she says the new papa shouldn't get custody ... one of the silliest reasons, that is. 

Sure, abortion is a touchy subject. But you know that babies change people, right? It happens all. The. Time.


It's one of the beautiful things about parenthood. It changes you, and it can be instantaneous. One minute you're "expecting" a child and not sure if you're ready or if you even want this, and the next they are here, and OMG, you can't imagine what life was like before them.

What's more, babies have a tendency of making us want to be better people. You look down at that little face, and it's hard to deny them anything.

Miller initiated a custody battle because he clearly is trying to be in his son's life. That move trumps all his (alleged) comments about not wanting a kid prior to birth.

Can we say whether he's a fit father? Of course not.

McKenna is also alleging that he abuses drugs and lives on a yacht that she says is an unfit place for a newborn. Maybe she's right. Maybe not. A judge will determine who gets custody based on those criteria.

But McKenna's ridiculous claims about whether her ex wants to be a dad or not should be a warning for other moms who have considered using it in court. Yes, sometimes people say they want an abortion. Sometimes they question whether they really want to be parents. It's natural, and it's not just men. I never considered an abortion, but I sure as heck got scared along the way.

You can only hold a person's qualms about parenthood against them for so long. Once the baby arrives, if they step up (as they often do), you don't get to play that card anymore. They're showing their "want." And all that matters is a baby.

Do you believe that a man who wanted an abortion can also WANT his child?


Image via Kunoel/Flickr

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