Baby Being 'French Kissed' by Bulldog Is Nothing Short of Disgusting (VIDEO)

bulldog licking baby

Blech! Gross! Ick! Gag!

Those were a few of my initial reactions after viewing a video of a bulldog licking a baby's face in an effort to gobble up any remaining scraps of food left around (or in) his mouth.

I know dogs are part of the family, and I love dogs just as much as the next person. But having a soft spot for dogs and finding a dog slobbering all over an infant to be cute and endearing are two entirely different things.

Heck, even the dad feeding the baby in the video seemed pretty freaked out that his dog kept shoving his tongue in his baby's mouth.


Maybe you'll understand where I'm coming from a bit better after watching the clip. Here it is.


OMG. Disgusting, right?

Yes, doggie kisses can be sweet and all -- but this particular dog went way beyond giving that baby a few tender laps of the tongue.

As the dad said, he pretty much "French kissed" the poor kid.

And even though the baby didn't seem to mind one bit, I just can't seem to warm up to the idea of a dog's tongue being all over a baby's mouth and face.

I don't have a dog, nor did I have a dog when my son was a baby, but somehow I'm about 150 percent sure I would not have wanted him to have his face licked by a dog if we'd had one.

Um, duh -- dogs lick themselves all day long in places where the sun don't shine. As in they lick their private parts and their butts (just in case the first visual wasn't graphic enough for you).

And we have enough to worry about as far as our babies coming into contact with various germs without throwing whatever sort of bacteria happens to be residing on a dog's tongue into the mix. We are constantly making sure our babies don't put random things into their mouths -- and that should definitely include saliva from the family pet, don't you think?

Am I overreacting, here? Do you let your dog lick/kiss your baby?


Image via brandonworldwide/YouTube

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