'Milking' Is the New 'Planking' & It Has Nothing to Do With Breastfeeding (VIDEO)

Facebook photo trends have been coming and going at breakneck speeds over the last couple years (remembering planking? Owling? Batting? Legbombing? I guarantee my husband will never forget leisure diving), but the latest ridiculous-stunt-in-public fads are all about competing for YouTube views. While it might be embarrassing to wear a banana costume in public to record a "Harlem Shake" variation (or lose your job for it), the weirdest video trend I think I've ever heard of is called milking.

Yes: milking. Happily, this doesn't involve anything unsavory happening to innocent cows or breastfeeding moms, but it does involve recording yourself dumping massive amounts of milk over your own head in public.



It apparently all started back in November with a video called “Milking Newcastle." In the clip, a bunch of guys are shown pouring containers of milk over their heads in a variety of random locations, and for whatever reason, this went viral.

A bunch of similar videos soon followed, and milking was covered on several British news sites, including The Sun, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and more. Gawker picked up the story next, and a fad was officially born.

What is there to even say about the the act of buying milk and pouring over one's head in public? It's completely weird and stupid and makes no sense whatsoever, and I'm sure that's the point. But as a mom who goes through like a billion gallons of milk a week, all I can think is OH MY GOD SO WASTEFUL.

I mean, have you seen what milk costs these days? I feel like no matter how much I buy, we're always down to the last half inch or so in the gallon and I have to run to the store in my ratty yoga pants, and here these YouTube whippersnappers are dumping it out all at once for laughs. It's MADDENING TO WATCH. What's next, pouring premium gasoline over your head while the cameras are rolling? Damn kids need to get off my Internet lawn. *waves stick, because I can't afford a cane because MILK*

Have you heard of milking? Why do you think these photo/video crazes get so popular?

Image via YouTube

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