Adorable 3-Year-Old Makes the Best Case for Gay Marriage You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

paul melchert james zimmerman and sonsWhile politicians are debating and slowly but surely making progress on the issue of marriage equality at the state and federal levels, the actions of one 3-year-old boy from Minnesota may be all it takes to convince the holdouts. Little Emmett -- the son of Minneapolis residents, Dr. Paul Melchert, a pediatrician, and his partner, James Zimmerman -- took the stage with his dads and twin brother recently at a gathering of lawmakers. They were all there to announce the introduction of state legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage. And when Dr. Melchert took the mic to make his case about the inherent similarities between straight and gay parents, it turned out Emmett was the one who really drove his dad's point home.

Check out the totally cute, poignant video ...


Ha, see what I mean?! I actually feel a bit bad for Dr. Melchert, because did anyone even really hear what he had to say? Emmett stole the show! But by doing so, he illustrated exactly why there should be no question in anyone's mind about same-sex marriage legalization.

Obviously, Melchert and Zimmerman are patient dads who are facing the same challenges with their restless, loving toddlers as any heterosexual couple. They've got the same challenges as any parent who is trying to multi-task with a kid on their hip. And it's clear as day that Emmett and his brother are as happy, well-adjusted, and earnest in their love for their two dads as kids who have opposite gendered parents. That said, legalizing same-sex marriage would only stand to make life happier and healthier for awesome, way-too-cute-for-words kids like Emmett. So what in the world are we waiting for?

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Image via MnSenateMedia/YouTube

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