25 Ways to Prevent Childhood Boredom

What can I do? Mommy, I'm bored. There's nothing to do here.

I hear those phrases a hundred times a day, despite there being countless things for the children to be doing. I'm assuming that you do, too.

It is quite frustrating since they have rooms full of newly acquired birthday toys and I have the credit card bills to prove it.

But, toys don't keep them occupied for long, so I thought it would be handy to have a list of responses ready for the inevitable "we're bored"s and "what can we do now?"s.

Here goes, dearest children ...


1. Take all of the clothes out of your drawers and refold them.

2. Make a fort and nap in it.

3. Floss your teeth.

4. Grab the Swiffer and go to town.

5. Organize the Legos by color.

6. Write thank-you notes from your last birthday. And the one before that.

7. Figure out how to make your bed with hospital corners.

8. Watch my "Learn French in a Week" DVD.

9. And then teach yourself French.

10. Practice your math facts.

11. Do 50 jumping jacks. And then 50 more.

12. Play dog.

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13. Let me cut your nails.

14. Match the socks in the mystery sock drawer.

15. Call Comcast for me and let me know when I am off of hold.

16. Scrub the grout in your bathroom.

17. Organize all of the printed photos by month and year.

18. Arrange your books in alphabetical order.

19. Fill out the empty "All About Me" book sitting on your bookshelf.

20. Taste all of the cereals and figure out which boxes are stale.

21. Clean out the junk drawer. All of them.

22. Draw me a family picture.

23. Brush the dog.

24. Rub my feet.

25. Come up with your own list of 25 things to do next time you have nothing to do.

Still bored?

I didn't think so.


Image via Scary Mommy

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