2-Year-Old Tries to Jump & Touch the Moon (VIDEO)

Little girl If you're feeling disgusted with the world and all of its problems, you only need to spend a little time with a toddler to make you see the wonder all around us. Take the 2-year-old girl in this video, Kayla, who is in love with the moon.

"The moon! The moon! The moon!" she says when she sees it. She tries and tries to reach it by jumping, but she just can't get it. Her dad uploaded the video last week to Reddit, and it has since gone viral since as it's all sorts of adorable. Check it out after the jump.


Oh, that little voice makes you just want to grab that moon and hand it to her along with a couple of stars too.

On Reddit her father explained that this happens every day. He wrote: "She will go on and on about the moon and not being able to get it whether I ask or not. I usually just 'okay' her until she stops. But this time I played around with her a bit. She enjoys it. She's 2."

I love these little things that kids get fixated on for periods of time and their innocent sense of wonder and curiosity about the world that we often take for granted. Maybe one day she'll become an astronaut and actually get there.

What things have your kids been enamored with in the world?


Image via YouTube

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