Babies Compete in the Crawling Race of Their Lives in Annual 'Diaper Derby' (VIDEO)

Diaper Derby

What do parents do with their babies on a chilly weekend day in New England when there's no chance of doing anything fun outside? Put their babies' crawling abilities to the test in a "Diaper Derby," of course.

The second annual Diaper Derby was held at Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, Massachusetts a couple weekends ago, and as you will see in the video clip of the race -- this is an activity that some moms and dads take pretty seriously.


Actually, things got downright competitive between these little crawlers and their parents.

Check out the clip -- and pay special attention to the little girl in pink.


OMG. She totally had that race in the bag until she abruptly stopped to take a break. Her parents must have been absolutely crushed. (Duh, I'm kidding.)

But honestly, it was quite comical to see her stop crawling, turn around, and take a load off. Guess she needed a breather.

And how about the little girl who turned back around the other way and then just gave up and laid down on the mat? Apparently the pressure of the race got to her too. (Oh well. At least she gave it all she had.)

You have to admit, for a family activity that is held at a mall, there was an awful lot of yelling and cheering going on as those babies made their way down the mat. I guess you're never really too young to instill a little bit of a competitive spirit in your kiddos.

Would you let your baby participate in a Diaper Derby?

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