2-Year-Old Sings Adele's 'Someone Like You' So Sweetly You Won't Forget Her (VIDEO)

toddler sings adeleThe results are in, and it looks like the Oscar for We Love Everything She Does Forever and Amen goes to Adele. (Oh yeah, also apparently she got an Oscar for best original song or something.) She's halfway to an EGOT, you guys! And in honor of our favorite 24-year-old, let's listen to this adorable 2-year-old singing "Someone Like You" along with Adele.

Will you all please give it up for little Makena? She doesn't know all the words to this song ... exactly. She probably has no clue what this song is even about. But she sure does put her whole heart and soul into singing.


Dawww! We will never find someone like you, Makena! Until the next time we find another precious video of a toddler singing along to a pop ballad, but never mind that. We love these videos because there is just nothing like a small child's singing voice. Especially when they don't know all the lyrics. The mumbling of made-up words is so funny next to the carefully enunciated words. She's like, "I don't know what this part is about but I think I've got most of the vowels right and then the lady holds the note loooooong."

Isn't she sweet? Don't tell Adele, but I think I may even love Makena's version more than the original.

Do your kids sometimes sing along to your music without knowing all the lyrics?


Image via heatherfedorick/YouTube

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