Toddler Does Face Plants in Crib to Avoid Falling Asleep (VIDEO)

toddler face plants

Most of us will never quite understand why toddlers seem to hate taking naps the way they do, but refusing to go to sleep is definitely a trend that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. (If only they knew how luxurious and wonderful sleep is ...)

However, I guess some kids will go to greater lengths than others to fight falling asleep at all costs. Like the toddler who was caught on video doing face plants in his crib over and over again.

Yes, face plants.


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Little Jude's parents invested in one of those fancy video baby monitors, and when they watched the footage of their child during nap time, this is what they saw.


LMAO! Um, how hysterical is this clip? I laughed right along with those parents through the whole thing, and I can only imagine what a huge kick they get out of turning that video monitor on every day. I mean, I'm sure they want their son to take a nap just like every other mom and dad in the world, but you have to admit -- this is kid comedy at its best.

I can remember my son talking to himself and singing in order to avoid taking his nap, but after seeing this kid's tactics, I'm almost disappointed I didn't own a video monitor back then. It sure would've been fun to see if he was resorting to any other measures to keep himself awake.

Have you ever "spied" on your toddler during nap time? Does he do anything funny to avoid falling asleep?


Image via ourbaby jb/YouTube

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