Baby Laughs Just Like a Dolphin (VIDEO)

dolphin laughOh hi there. Would you like to hear a baby laugh like a dolphin? Of course you would! Well all righty then, one video of a baby who laughs like a dolphin, coming right up. 

It's Friday, and it's time for your weekend giggle. Get ready for this one, because it's contagious. I love the adults' laughter in the background almost as much as that insane baby giggle. And speaking of that -- how the heck does that little guy make such a crazy sound? It's a mystery. As far as I'm concerned, this baby wins the weekend.


Right?!? I kind of want to put this laugh on a continuous loop and make it the soundtrack of my day. Well, there you go. Babies: Sometimes they cry and make lava poo in their diapers. Sometimes they create dolphin magic with their laughter.

Have you ever heard such an amazing baby laugh?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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