The Haunting Anti-Bullying Video You NEED to See (VIDEO)

BullyingWhen it comes to blatant bullying, everyone can agree it's not acceptable. However, there's also a line at which I think many question if we've become too quick to call every little slight or slam bullying. Isn't some of it just kids being kids, "sticks and stones" and all of that? Don't kids need to learn to grow a thicker skin?

Perhaps in some cases, but a powerful spoken word poem and accompanying video that's gone viral recently really puts into perspective just how harmful some of those "little" incidents can be. It's from Shane Koyczan, who has launched the "To This Day Project" with a mission to explore the impact bullying can have on kids for life. 

Posted just two days ago, the haunting and powerful video has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times. I'll warn you that it's not easy to watch, but it's something everyone should see -- parents, children, educators, and anyone who has ever been bullied.


It starts with Koyczan talking about how he was called names as a child ("pork chop," specifically), then touches on the stories of several others who were bullied as children, including a girl who had a sign that read "Beware of Dog" taped to her desk by children in the third grade. It illustrates how the devastating effects of those incidents still haunt them as adults today.

While kids may always be kids, it doesn't mean that we should tolerate them being cruel to one another ever. We have to work harder to teach them that hurting someone with words is just as bad as hurting them physically -- sometimes even worse. A new study confirms that people who were bullied as kids are at risk for a whole slew of problems in their lives, such as suicide, anxiety, and depression.

We've got to put a stop this. There are so many things we can't control that harm our children, like cancer and disease, but this is something we as a society can change. We just have to try harder. Start by watching this video and sharing it with those you know.

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