Watching Dog Eat Popcorn Gives Baby a Serious Case of the Giggles (VIDEO)

baby laughing

I don't care who you are -- it's impossible not to crack a smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when you hear a baby do one of those really deep, adorable belly laughs.

And when you see this video of a baby girl laughing hysterically at her dog eating popcorn, you'll immediately crack a smile and start laughing right along with her. (Unless, of course, you have a heart made of stone and don't find a baby's laugh contagious, which means you probably aren't human.)


A dog crunching down on popcorn isn't something most of us find particularly funny, but for whatever reason, this sweet baby girl thinks it's absolutely hilarious. Here's the clip -- watch, laugh, and go ahead and squeal with delight if the mood strikes you.

OMG!!!! Um, this video is the cutest thing you've ever seen, right? (If you disagree, again, you're probably not human.)

And by far, one of my favorite parts of the whole video was when she laughed so hard she almost gagged. Simply adorbs. (Love it.)

This little girl totally made my day, to the point where I almost teared up listening to her innocent and perfect laugh. If only life could always be as simple as cracking up over a dog eating popcorn, we'd all be a heck of a lot happier.

I still remember when my son was a baby, and I'd play peek-a-boo with him and he'd laugh as loud and hard as this little girl -- and it filled me with pure joy every time. (And I'd honestly give just about anything to hear it again, even if only for a few seconds. Sniff, sniff.)

What makes your baby do the belly laugh?


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