10 Baby Experiences I'm Sad I Missed Out On

baby toysI recently came to terms with the fact that I am done having children.
There will be no more cribs in our house, no more bottles to be sanitized and no more diapers to be purchased. And I am fine with that. More than fine, I'm GREAT with that.
But there are a few things I'm sorry that I never had the chance to use or do when my kids were babies ...
1. Pacifier mustaches. The mustache craze is a little tired, but these make me smile every single time I see them. Considering how pacifier obsessed my kids all were, I imagine I would have smiled an awful lot.
2. Mommy and baby shots. I hid from the camera like a crazy person when I was a new mom, but really wish I had gotten at least a few decent shots with my newborns. Even just a shot of my hair with a baby would suffice! Some proof that I was actually there, you know?
3. Baby bow-ties. Baby bow tie + plain white onsie = cutest outfit EVER, and tragically, my boys never wore it.

4. Ridiculously cute baby photography. Maybe it's better cameras nowadays. Maybe it's the invention of Pinterest. Maybe it's that people hire professionals these days. All I know is that the baby pictures I see these days put the ones I have of my own babies to shame. 
5. The shoe set socks. Shoes for babies are just plain dumb. Socks that look like shoes? Adorable. 
6. The new and improved strollers. I can't believe how far strollers have come in the past ten years. It's almost enough to make me buy one just to be able to put my shopping bags somewhere at the mall. That would be crazy... right?
7. Monthly pictures. Sure, I took pictures of my kids those early days, but I wish I'd thought of documenting them in the same place once a month. I'm constantly kicking myself over that one.
8. Bloomers. It's not like these are a new invention or anything, but for some reason I never bought them when Lily was a baby.  And that kind of kills me.


9. Baby Legwarmers. I may not be able to pull off the Flashdance look, but on chubby baby legs? Too cute.

10. Video. I could watch video of my babies forever right about now and have so little of it. 

Am I waffling on my no more babies decision? Absolutely not. It just means I'll be getting some kick ass presents for my baby-bearing friends and be giving them lots and lots of advice of things not to miss.
Lucky them.
Lead image via torbakhopper/Flickr; All other images via Amazon.com
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