4-Year-Old Shares His ‘Specialist Ever’ Recipe for Valentine’s Day & It’s ‘Oh-So Oh-So Good’ (VIDEO)

4-year-old bakerFour-year-old Petey Rojas is really, really cute. So, to be perfectly honest, I would happily watch him bake Valentine's Day cupcakes even if they came out looking ... nothing like cupcakes. But it turns out the "baking guru" actually has some pretty sweet skills in the kitchen, as this video attests! I mean, I've been baking cupcakes for quite a while now and it's still a struggle to fill those liners with batter and not drip it all over the place. But not this guy! (Plus, the commentary IS adorable.)


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Let's face it -- how many adult bakers are going to say things like "The night sky is coming down" as he sprinkles chocolate chips into the bowl? Just watch:

Check out those cupcakes, right? Granted, I have no idea what they taste like, but that hardly matters. I'm beyond impressed with this kid's motor skills, patience, and sweet little smile.

Does your little one like to bake?

Image via inhabitat/YouTube

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