Helicopter Parenting Your Kids Now Might Make Them Depressed Later

helicopter parentingIt's easy to judge helicopter parents. Especially now that there's actual research confirming such overinvolved, overprotective childrearing does more harm than good: A recent study showed that college kids of helicopter parents are more likely to feel incompetent and be depressed than kids of non-helicopter parents. And even if your kid is still in preschool, this is something you want to think about -- because as easy as it is to judge helicopter parents, it's even easier to become a helicopter parent.


According to study author and psychologist Holly Schiffrin, "when parents are overinvolved with their kids' lives, they're undermining their sense of competence, both by sending a message that says, I think you can't do it yourself, and robbing them of the opportunity to practice those skills." They also felt like they weren't in charge of their own lives.

"It was really not feeling autonomous and not feeling competent that were associated with depression and lower life satisfaction," said Schiffrin.

"Most of the time when parents are doing these things, they think they are being helpful to their child. But college students are adults and they need to be learning how to be adults, which means solving heir own problems. If we don't give them the opportunity to do that, we really are taking something away from them."

As parents, it's hard to resist the urge to fix every little thing that goes wrong for our kids. We want to shield them from all the pain and suffering of life -- we want to make it all better. But when we go out of our way to protect our kids from life, we end up with kids who don't know how to, well, live.

The road to helicopter parenting is paved with good intentions ...

Do you think you can be a helicopter parent sometimes without meaning to be?

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