9-Month-Old Baby Is a Legitimately Awesome Dancer (VIDEO)

baby dancing

There are three dance moves babies do. I know you know the ones I'm taking about. Every dancing baby either sways back and forth; bobs their head forward and backward like a chicken; or, as my daughter does, bounce-bounce-bounce! I've never seen a baby properly dance. Sure, they're sort of keeping time with the music, and moving their body to a beat, but they never, like -- I don't even know how to put this -- perform actual dance moves.

Except this baby.

I swear, this is one of the craziest, cutest, wildest things I've ever seen a baby do. This little 9-month-old girl named Iggy is literally dancing. Not baby bouncing or bopping -- dancing. And she's doing it to a Trey Songz song no less. I say party at her crib tonight! This little one looks fun. Check it out:


How crazy is that? What a little cutie pie! And I'm not ashamed to admit it -- this baby is a better dancer than I. (Okay, I'm a little ashamed to admit it.)

When I get home tonight, I think I'm going to attempt to teach my daughter this dance move. Arms out, baby girl, and b-b-b-bounce wit it! Too cute!

How does your baby dance?


Image via thetinaxo/YouTube

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