First-Graders' Thoughts on Love, Valentine's Day & Marriage Are Adorably Awesome

If you want the unvarnished truth on a topic, you can't really go wrong with asking a first grader. At 6 or 7 years old, children are mostly past the "kids say the DARNDEST things!" phase where they sound like they're constantly on hallucinogens, but they haven't yet learned the fine art of B.S. They say it like it is, which is why these descriptions of what love is -- as defined by first graders -- are so stinking cute.

First grade students in Dennis Township Primary School (NJ) have been working on Valentine’s Day project for their families this week, and they were asked to share their thoughts on wove, sweet wove. Their answers, as you might guess, are fantastic.

According to these kids, love is ...


It’s when you kiss someone and hug them. -- Zachary Steelman

It’s when you do something nice, very nice for them and they don’t even tell you to do it. -- Marlena Glover

Love is when you give people candy. -- Pandora Gallop

It’s when you give them cards and love them. -- Ben Lynch

You know someone loves you when ...

Sometimes they stare at you a lot. -- Kaitlin Calloway

When someone is doing really, really nice things for you and giving you stuff. -- Zachary Mendyk

The best love poem is ...

“Roses are red; violets are blue, I hope you know I love you." --  Isabelle Phillips.

You should get married when ...

Eighteen is the best age to get married. Because you get to drive and can go on the big rides in Wildwood. -- Marlena Glover

(You're) fifty. It’s a good age because you’re very old. --  Kaitlin Calloway

Valentine's Day is cool because ...

Valentine’s Day is when you get to have fun and give out things and it makes you feel happy. -- Marlena Glover

I think everybody should be a Valentine and have a Valentine. (And if you don't have one?) Then you should ask somebody.

If you have little kids, just for fun, go ask them right now: how do they describe love?

Image via fanny/Flickr

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