These 9 'Conversation Hearts' Would Sweet Talk Any Mom (IMAGES)

These 9 'Conversation Hearts' Would Sweet Talk Any Mom (IMAGES)

converation heartsConversation hearts. It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without the cute little candies. They're like an edible pastel rainbow of short but sweet sentiments: KISS ME. BE MINE. HOT STUFF. Between you and me, I've never actually liked how the treats taste (does anybody??), but they're always good for a laugh and/or the occasional raised eyebrow. Like flirtatious fortune cookies.

Except, as with so many things, conversation hearts take on a whole new meaning once you're a mom. I mean, it's not like the sayings become completely irrelevant (sure, I'll KISS YOU), but they could be a whole lot more meaningful. If Conversation Hearts for Moms existed, here's what we wish they would say ...

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