Cute Sprinkle-Covered Kid Tries to Convince Mom He Did Not Have a Snack. Nope. Not a One. (VIDEO)

sprinkles kidObviously lying is wrong and it's one of our main jobs, as parents, to teach our kids to always tell the truth -- you know, the whole honesty is the best policy song and dance. It's never appropriate to, say, give your 3-year-old a high-five after a particularly well-told fib or burst out laughing at a moment of adorably evil genius. Which is why it's a good thing I'm not this little boy's mom, because I probably wouldn't have been able to stop myself from doing one or both of those things.

See, John ate some sprinkles. Some red sprinkles. We know this because some of the sprinkles are still stuck on his face (and in his teeth). But John's not going to let a pesky thing like evidence get in his way. "Did you eat those sprinkles, John?" "No. No I did not."

That's his story, and boy, is he ever sticking to it!


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There's just no way you can watch this clip without laughing out loud. Those big eyes! I need to give this little sprinkle-covered boy a hug! Between his natural charm and his talent for deception, John has a hell of a future in politics. Just watch:

See what I mean about the politician thing? Or maybe John should be a lawyer. I love when he points out that the sprinkle container is not, in fact, "empty." And the way he flips it around on his mom when she tells him there are sprinkles on his face, looking at her with concern, as if perhaps she was going a little soft in the head, having hallucinations of sprinkles ...

Has your kid ever told a lie like this one?


Image via Erica Boarman/YouTube

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