12 Quotes About Motherhood That Tell It Like It Is

Adriana Velez | Feb 7, 2013 Being a Mom
12 Quotes About Motherhood That Tell It Like It Is

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Motherhood makes you feel ... so many things! That's why we write about it, day after day. There's just no other experience like it, where you're stretched so far, your patience is tried so hard, you doubt yourself all the time, and your heart grows so much. No one tells you how much work it is to be a parent, but we can all agree there is sweetness with the struggle.

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We found these 12 amazing quotes about motherhood we just had to share. From sayings that will help you appreciate the little things, to the quotes that will make you say, "That's me!" -- we've found the words that will help you through times of struggle and triumph.

They don't say everything there is to say about motherhood -- but they say a lot! Maybe they will help you when you're feeling a little overwhelmed -- don't worry, we've all been there. Share these with the other moms in your life. We know they'll get a lot out of them. 

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