Toddler Meets & Moons Important World Leader Because That’s What Toddlers Do (VIDEO)

toddler moonsKids do a lot of things that embarrass their parents. But the next time your kid says the wrong thing in public, just think about the father whose son mooned the prime minister. Gao Junping was in his home in Mongolia when he got an unexpected visit from China's incoming premier, Li Keqiang. I mean, it's almost like getting a visit from the emperor, only not really.

Anyway, somehow he'd managed to hide away his half-naked son in a cabinet, as you do. But wouldn't you know it? With cameras rolling, the little guy pops out and moons the premier!


Haha, classic! And it's so toddler of him to be aware that maybe he should hide his nakedness under a blanket -- but to totally miss hiding his little bottom anyway. There he is, on his back, in perfect monkey butt-showing position. And it's broadcast all over the country.

For the rest of his life, he's going to hear, "Hey, remember that time when you showed your tushie to the premier and the whole world saw it?"

I guess it was easier to stow that little boy in a cabinet than to actually find some pants and wrestle them on. Hey, as a parent, I get that. He's probably potty training and runs around pantsless. Dad hears the premier is coming. And he thinks: Uh oh, gotta get pants on that kid! Wait, where's his pants?!? Aw screw it, let's just hide him. So begins the most unsuccessful game of hide-and-seek ever. Too cute!

Has your toddler ever mooned anybody?


Image via The Telegraph

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