Baby Goes From Fast Asleep to Wild Dancing Thanks to 'Gangnam Style' (VIDEO)

Baby Gangnam StyleMaybe you sighed a big breath of relief thinking the "Gangnam Style" craze was over, but even Psy haters are having a hard time hating on the latest viral video featuring the catchy South Korean hit. After all, who can hate on a cute baby? Even a cute baby who dances?

Little Amaya's parents posted the video to YouTube to share with the world the hilarity that ensues in the backseat of the car when "Gangnam Style" starts playing on the radio. Let's just say this baby goes from 0 to "Heeeeeey, Sexy Lady" faster than you can say "Oppa."

Check it out:


Oh, the cuteness!

Amaya's dad wrote that she sleeps through everything except her favorite song. She's the first I've heard to react that way to Psy, but not the first to react to one particular noise over others. When my brother was small, the family joke was that he could hear the word "cookie" even if he was sleeping, even if you said it in a room across the house, even if you whispered it.

How about your kids? Is there one noise that wakes them up instantly?


Image via bigrob357/YouTube

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