Toddler Can Sink a Basket From Just About Anywhere (VIDEO)

toddler basketball star

When I first saw the title of the video, "Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot Video", along with a photo with an adorable little boy and a basketball, I thought: "Yeah, okay, I'll watch this, but it's probably just going to be a toddler making a Nerf basket, his parents clapping, and that's that." Boy, was I wrong. I've honestly never seen anything like this. This little boy named Titus has been making the most insane baskets since he was 18 months old. This is nuts! Little dude can sink a ball backwards, from far away, ricocheting off of a wall. I swear I'm not making this up, but you need to see this to believe it. Check it out:


See? Told you. This kid is amazing. How many adults do you know who could do this? No doubt, this little dude's going pro. The seven-foot rim? What! Too cute -- and impressive as all get-out.

I'm typically not one to think that whatever a child shows interest in when they're really young portends a future career (I was seriously into Gumby for a while), but in this case, I can't imagine Titus won't have something to do with basketball at some point in his adult life -- I mean, he has to. He's amazing. You go, little dude!

What are your kids exceptionally good at?


Image via Joseph Ashby/YouTube

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