5 Cool Camera Effects Every Mom Should Be Using

babyIf you're like every other mom on the planet, then you just can't resist taking photo after photo of your baby to document every single precious moment of their lives.

From their big entrance into the world to their first smiles, tastes of solid foods, family holiday gatherings, and birthdays -- it's so important to capture all of the special times we have during our babies' first year on film.

And while all baby photos are sweet and adorable any way you look at them, there are some really cool camera effects you can use to make your pictures even more spectacular.


If you haven't tried these five camera effects on for size, you'll definitely want to give them a shot the next time you feel the urge to take a few snapshots of your little one.

Sepia Filter -- Make your regular baby photos look like antique treasures by using a sepia light-brown filter on your camera. (No, sepia isn't reserved solely for professional photographers!)

Colored Flashes -- You can also put different colors of filters (or gels) over your flash in order to change the look of pictures entirely to fit whatever occasion it is you're capturing.

Change Your Perspective -- Ok, this one is really cool. By taking forced perspective photos, you can make it look like your baby's favorite stuffed animal is bigger than he is, along with all sorts of other fun scenarios.

Capturing Motion -- By adjusting the shutter speed on your camera, you can capture your little one's every move, even if he's crawling so fast you don't think you can catch him!

Psychedelic Pics -- Turn your basic baby photos into fun, circus mirror-like images simply by twisting your camera as you take the picture. (Easy, peasy, right?)

What are some of your favorite camera effects?


Image via Mary Fischer

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