4 Cool Camera Effects Moms Should Be Using to Capture Photos of Their Kids

photographerBy now you probably have thousands of photos of your toddler, don't you? There's the photo with Santa, and that shot of them in silly glasses, and the picture of their cranky face, and, and, and ... But are you just taking the same old photo over and over and over again?

Just look at them! Sure the setting changes, but if you're just pointing the camera and shooting, you're missing out on making some really cool memories to look back on when the toddler years are long gone. Not sure what I mean? Here are some cool camera effects you really need to use when you're taking pictures of your kids:


1. Lens Flare: In general we try to avoid these round spots and haze that bright light -- especially sunlight -- can create in a photo. After all, you want a clear photo, right? Not always! Lens flare can enhance the drama of a photo!

2. Shutter Effects: If you set your camera on automatic, the speed of the shutter (a part of the lens that determines how long light is allowed to pass into the camera) is pre-set. Play with the shutter speed, and you will be able to capture your child's actual motion in a still photograph.

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3. Filtration. The hot photography apps for your smartphone allow you to add a filter after you've taken a photo to enhance or adjust the colors of your shot, but did you know you can do this with a regular old camera? Filters for a DSLR lens are widely available, and many are relatively inexpensive.

4. Forced Perspective. You've seen the silly photos of a kid holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or lifting Dad, haven't you? It's all an optical illusion, and you don't have to be a whizz at Photoshop to do the same thing with your kids -- you can do it with your camera!

Do you try to mix things up when you're taking pictures of your kids? What are you favorite tricks?


Image via Jody Roberts/Flickr

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