6 Places Never to Bring Your Toddler

needleWelp, another day, another foolish couple dragging a toddler someplace where toddlers just do not belong. I'm not talking about a spa or a fancy restaurant. I mean this couple who brought their 1-year-old to do a drug deal.

Couple Michael Damon and Rebecca McAlister were found in a South Carolina home with their child when police responded to a report of an overdose. Damon and McAlister told the police that they had brought the toddler with them to swap drugs and to shoot some heroin. Police say the child was inappropriately dressed for the cold and was in distress. Good Lord.


So that's bad idea number 1. Not to be too flippant, but I think we all learned an important lesson here, folks. If you're fixin' to do a drug deal and shoot up some heroin, do the responsible thing and find a good babysitter for your child! Of course this is not the first time adults have brought a small child with them on the worst conceivable errand ever. Remember these?

2. The mom who brought her toddler along to rob a bank. She left her 3-year-old in the car with the motor running, because you might as well go all the way if you're going to screw up as a parent.

3. The couple who brought their child along for armed robbery. If it's a bad idea to bring your kid to rob a bank, it's even worse to bring your kid to commit armed robbery.

4. The dad who brought his 9-month-old to a hook-up with a prostitute. But it gets worse. Another man busted in on the tryst, got into a fight with the dad, and ended up shooting him. Fortunately (I guess?) the bullet just grazed him. Baby was unharmed.

5. The parents who take their 5-year-old swimming with the sharks. We're all split on this one. Some people think this couple is crazy -- maybe even abusive. Others of us thought as long as it's in a safe environment and everyone's a skilled swimmer, it's actually a cool experience for a kid.

6. The parents who brought her toddler to a protest. You can expect some protests to be peaceful. Some are organized by parents, for families. But protests can also be unpredictable. Parents who brought a toddler to protest tax hikes at a community college probably thought the police would be careful around them.

Where are the worst places you can think of to bring a toddler?


Image via Andres Rueda/Flickr

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