'Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling' Loves Breastfeeding, Slings, Co-Sleeping & More (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Jan 30, 2013 Being a Mom

Attachment Parenting Ryan GoslingYou've heard about Feminist Ryan Gosling, of course. Along with Street Fight-Stopping Ryan Gosling, Woman's Life-Saving Ryan Gosling, and, as always, Painfully Hot Ryan Gosling. But did you know there's also an Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling? To many moms, this version might just be the dreamiest of all the Ryan Goslings.

As the blog's creator puts it, "Friends and family may judge you for your co-sleeping, baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding ways, but Ryan Gosling gets it." From supporting your choice to nurse in public to knowing the difference between a hemp and microfiber insert, this Ryan Gosling knows that $200 isn't too much for a sling. He whittles blocks for the baby because he prefers natural toys. And hey girl, he totally wants to hear about those baby food recipes you pinned.

Check out Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling in all his glory:

(I'm not personally into attachment parenting, and I don't necessarily agree with every view expressed by AP Ryan Gosling. But I can't deny the appeal of these images. Hell yeah I'm ready for some skin to skin time.) Click below to see them, then tell us:

Have you seen Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling before? What do you think?

Image via Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling

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