Sweet Video Shows How a Toddler on the Move Is Really a Dancer in Disguise (VIDEO)

baby interpretive dance They say a body in motion tends to stay in motion, and as any mom can tell you, that's definitely true of little kids: As soon as they start moving, they don't stop. They toddle, they step, they roll, they flop, they spin, they wiggle ... it's like life is one big interpretive dance performance.

So I'm not surprised that when Brooklyn mom and modern dance choreographer Alexandra Beller brought her 14-month-old son Ivo to rehearsal one day, the adorable boy ended up inspiring a whole new piece.


Honestly, I'm not sure who's funnier to watch -- Ivo or the male dancer who can't help but copy the little guy's facial expressions as well as his moves.

Ivo should totally teach his own dance class. Or maybe we should all follow in his footsteps and remember how much fun it was to dance our way through the day.

Is life one big dance to your toddler?

Image via Facebook

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