8 Inappropriate Things Kids Just Love Doing

One of the best things about kids is that they're unpredictable and they have no filter. They don't play any games with you and instead tell you exactly what they're thinking.

One of the worst things about kids is that they're unpredictable and they have no filter. Yeah, it's kind of a blessing and a curse.

Whether they mean to or not, kids usually do a bang-up job of embarrassing their parents. I know mine do and I've heard plenty of similar horror stories from friends of mine.

You think your kids are being inappropriate when they refuse to go to bed or do their homework? Yeah, keep living in your parental paradise. I've compiled an appropriate list of 8 Inappropriate Things Kids Just Love Doing. Promise me just one thing, though. You won't let your kids read this article.

  1. You know Aunt Martha's meatloaf is a tad bit dry but you suck it up and tell her it's delicious. Your 10-year-old son on the other hand makes no qualms about loudly gagging at the table and screaming, "I'm not eating THAT!" before bolting out of the room.
  2. In your youth, you did the hokey pokey and you turned yourself around. Today, your kids dance around the house saying, "I'm sexy and I know it." All day. Every day. So what if you're entertaining your boss for dinner that night?
  3. What is it about butts that just instantly crack kids up? Say the word "tushie" and you'll unleash a gigglefest. Of course their response is to pull their pants down and show the outside world a full moon when they press their cheeks up against the glass doors in your kitchen.
  4. This one only pertains to boys, but apparently there's some sort of strong magnetic pull between their hand and their ding dongs. You'll constantly catch them with one hand shoved as deep as possible down their pants. Usually in some very public place.
  5. Men do it. Even women do it on occasion. So of course kids are going to do it too. The next time a woman with a rather large belly approaches, tell your kids three things: Don't stare, don't point, and don't ask her when she's having her baby.
  6. Unless you can trace your family tree directly back to the great Gold Rush, there is absolutely no excuse for losing an entire finger to your right nostril. That goes double for doing it in the middle of a fancy restaurant.
  7. You've successfully taught your kids to say thank you when a friend or relative gives them a gift. The next step is to teach them not to say, "I already have this" or "I don't like this" when they open said gift in front of the gift giver.
  8. You step out of the shower, dry off and head into your bedroom. Oh, look, there's your precious little one staring at you and saying, "Ewww." Apparently, it's time for that talk about "the Human Body is a beautiful thing." And yeah, perhaps it's, time to get back on that treadmill.

What inappropriate things have your kids accomplished?

Photo via Roland Tanglao/Flickr

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