7 Places You Should Never Bring Your Baby


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At one of my recent hair appointments, I walked into the salon, sat down in the chair to have my color done, looked at the woman seated in the chair next to me, and immediately cringed. No, my reaction had nothing to do with whatever the stylist was doing to her hair. It was the fact that she had her baby sitting in her lap that made me want to get up, walk over to the reception desk, and reschedule my appointment for another time. Because babies have no business being in a hair salon -- period.

Hold on, let me explain. Yes, babies are cute and I love babies just as much as anyone, but like every other mom I know, I value my "me" time, because I don't get very much of it, and I need to relax and unwind just as much as any parent. And I consider a trip to the salon highly coveted "me" time, so the last thing I want to see when I enter the salon is a baby, regardless of whose baby it is.

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And yes, I realize that there are some babies who are really mellow and rarely cry, but those babies are still babies, and when I see one at the salon, I still sit there feeling stressed because I know he/she may start fussing for a whole host of reasons. Bottom line -- I don't deserve that kind of distraction during my "me" time, and neither does anyone else -- including the mom who brought the baby in the first place.

But hair salons aren't the only spots that are inappropriate for little ones. Here are six other places you should never take your baby.

  1. The spa -- How can anyone enjoy a pedicure with a baby in her lap?
  2. Upscale restaurants -- There are plenty of family-friendly joints where you can take your tot out to eat. Let the rest of us enjoy date nights, for crying out loud. (No pun intended.)
  3. Doctor's office -- Other than the OBGYN or pediatrician, please leave your baby at home. I'm already sick and I don't need to sit in the waiting room worrying that I'm going to infect your infant.
  4. The movies -- You know that "don't make noise and be courteous to others during the show" thing? Yeah, that applies to your baby too.
  5. Concerts -- This is one I just don't understand. I want to enjoy whatever music is being played instead of listening to your baby. And guess what? Your baby's ears hate loud music anyway.
  6. Zumba -- No, I'm not kidding. I've seen moms bring their babies to my local Zumba class and just leave them in the car seat while they shake it. So not cool.

Got it? Good. Do us all a favor and book a sitter next time.

What other places are inappropriate for babies?

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