Viral 'Mission Impossible' Baby Is So Much Cooler Than Tom Cruise


There is nothing we parents love more than making our kids do cute stuff. From wearing silly, ruffled, or furry outfits (I dressed my son as a pea pod once and it wasn't even Halloween) to making them pose with pets -- we just can't get enough. Which is why I completely, totally, and unquestionably understand why this dad makes his infant do a Tom Cruise a la Mission Impossible impersonation. Get ready for a ridiculous dose of cuteness!


This baby's mission -- which he had no choice but to accept: swoop from the sky and nab candy from a big bowl. They even have the theme song playing in the background. And look how cute that outfit is. Tom Cruise ain't got nothing on this adorable little guy.

Check it out:

What silly (but incredibly cute) things have you made your baby do?

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