10 Reasons I Wish All the Kids Would Play at YOUR House Instead of Mine

Growing up, I spent a good deal of time at other people's homes. My house was never the one where everyone congregated, and I vowed things would be different when I had a house of my own. I wanted my house to be the place that offered the best snacks and the cozy home away from home where everyone wanted to be. Snort.

As a grown up, I've seen the light. Being the go-to house isn't all it's cracked up to be and I am more than happy to send my kids elsewhere for hours at a time.

Why?  If you're always the host of little kids coming and going from your house as they please ... 

1. You constantly get stuck feeding dinner to faces not belonging to you. 
2. Your carpets are constantly covered in muddy foot prints. 
3. Your playroom always looks like a bomb went off in it. 
4. Your front door never never fully shuts and your heating bill skyrockets. 
5. It is impossible to successfully keep snacks stocked in the pantry. 
6. You get suckered into impromptu sleepovers
7. You never get to choose what to watch on your own television. 
8. You have to hear yourself saying things like "You can do what you want at your house, but this is our house."
9. Your yard is constantly littered in balls of every shape and size, hula hoops and baseball bats. 
10. You get to know a whole different side of your kids. (Ok, so maybe it's not all that bad.) 

Image via Scary Mommy

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