Toddler Going NUTS on Xylophone at School Recital Is On-Another-Level Cute (VIDEO)

toddler xylophoneAny school recital that involves children under the age of 10 is bound to be adorable and unintentionally funny. But some performances just take things to the next level. And this video of a toddler going absolutely NUTS on his xylophone falls into next-level territory. You need -- no, need -- to watch this adorably hilarious video of a little boy clad in a Sgt. Pepper-esque uniform wailing on his instrument in the school play. I'm yet to see something cuter this week. And so are you. Unless you're this kid's parents.


The fervor with which this little guy is playing -- phenomenal! I wish I exerted this much effort doing anything!

No doubt his parents are incredibly proud of their little one not only for no-doubt being the cutest little star of this recital, but for giving it his all. If anyone ever deserved an "E for Effort", it's this little cutie!

How adorable is this?


Image via YMDMKT/YouTube

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