Dad Skips Super Bowl to Play Princess With His Little Girl in Supersweet Commercial (VIDEO)

doritos commercialI'm not much for football, so as far as I'm concerned, the commercials are the only good thing best part of the Super Bowl. (Remember that one last year with the dog and the Doritos? HA!) Anyway, it's looking like my favorite commercial this year is going to be another entry in the annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest -- not only because it's just as funny as that deal-making dog clip, but because it features a surprisingly sweet father/daughter exchange


You know, one of those "she's got her father wrapped around her finger" moments. And it's really, really cute. But I don't want to spoil it for you -- just watch:

Awww, how sweet was that? I completely adore the message this commercial sends, and even non-football fans can relate: After all, not every daddy in the world loves football, but all daddies love their little girls. (And, apparently, all daddies love Doritos.) A pretty spot-on assessment, actually.

Do you know a dad who would give up the Super Bowl to dress up like a princess with his little girl?

Image via CrashtheSuperBowl/YouTube

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