Toddler Storms Stage at Concert & Steals the Show With Incredible Dance Moves (VIDEO)

baby dancingIf you’re looking for your own moment of glory, here’s a little tip – don’t let your adorable kid anywhere near you. When it comes to entertainment, there’s really no competing with toddlers. They will upstage, as the dad in this video quickly found out.

There Christian music singer, Coffey Anderson, was singing his heart during a New Year’s Eve performance in Texas. Then all of a sudden his 18-month-old son, Ethan Coffey-David Anderson, bolts out onto the stage with him wearing just a t-shirt and tennis shoes. First he’s just there hugging his daddy’s knees while dad doesn't miss a beat. Then, the little guy starts to feel the beat and gets his groove on.


Adorable Baby Crashes Daddy's Concert from coffey on GodTube.

That kid has some serious move, right? And I love that he has his pacifier in his mouth the whole time! As Anderson wrote on his Facebook page, “First he hugged and then he danced like he was free!”

He said his son likes to dance while he plays the guitar at home, so why not on a stage while daddy’s singing? That audience got one heck of s show, and I think Coffey might want to think about adding him to his act permanently. Keep on rocking, baby!

What do you think of this kid’s moves? Has your kid ever upstaged you?


Image via God Tube

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