2-Year-Old's Take on Tough Tongue-Twister Is Too Funny (VIDEO)

peter piper toddler Nursery rhymes are so weird, when you really think about them. I mean, did you ever stop to wonder why we automatically sing to little kids about Jack falling down and breaking his crown or some little lamb with stalking tendencies (everywhere that Mary went, creepy!)? Then there are the tongue-twisters, like Peter Piper. How exactly did he pick a peck of pickled peppers? Would the peppers get pickled after they were picked? It's not like they grow already pickled, after all. And then where did Peter leave the peppers? So careless.

Anyway, all that really matters is how cute 2-year-old Ada sounds trying to tell Peter's peppery tale to her dad.


Does Ada know what she's talking about? Does her dad? Who cares? I could listen to her talk about those misplaced pickles all the livelong day. Just watch:

Awwww. And how sweet are her little hand gestures?! I can't wait to see Ada take on "She Sells Seashells."

Has your toddler ever tried a tongue-twister?


Image via markjinksdub/YouTube

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