Adorable 18-Month-Old Girl Knows Her Classic Rock (VIDEO)

cute babyAll kids are cute, but there are some kids who are just extra, super, incredibly cute -- like the 18-month-old girl in this video. She'd be adorable enough just standing there, but when she opens her mouth and starts spouting off classic rock facts in a tiny little voice it's just ridiculously over-the-top adorable.

In it, a man, presumably her father, asks her a series of questions about old time rock and roll, and without hesitation she answers. From her pronunciation of Mick Jagger to completing lines from Beatles' songs like a pro, this girl is the raddest little rocker you've ever seen. Check her out after the jump.


She needs a radio show I think. Clearly someone has shared their musical love with her.

Sharing music with my children is one of my favorite things. I love seeing how they react, what moves them, and recounting my memories of various songs and what they meant in my life. Most of the time they even seem interested.

Over the years, I've found they both HATE (and I mean detest) country music. Even when they were infants it would make them cry. So my old Hank and Merle that I love so don't get played much anymore, but they do both love The Beatles, The Stones, and the bane of my existence -- "Gangnam Style." Oh, and my 3-year-old daughter is a huge Black Sabbath fan, which I completely blame on my husband.

It will be interesting to see how their tastes change over the years as they become teenagers. It's one of my goals as a parent to be open to their musical choices instead of just writing it off as crap kids listen to these days. I might not like it, but if they at least give Johnny Cash a chance I'll give theirs a whirl too.

How cute is this girl? What music do you share with your kids?


Image via YouTube

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