'Motherhood Rap' Is Most Honest Look at a Mom's Life Yet (VIDEO)

Motherhood RapLike many of us, I am a little sick of the inundation of "motherhood" raps and songs. First there was the Swagger Wagon, then "My Muffin Top," then dads got in on the action with "I'm a Daddy and I Know It." The list goes on and on. It may feel like saturation. But trust me, you will regret if you don't watch "The Motherhood Rap." It blows ALL the other ones out of the water.

This, like the "Swagger Wagon," is a commercial. Only unlike the "Swagger Wagon," which was for Toyota, this Fiat one is far more honest and edgy. This mom tells it JUST like it is. She joins book clubs just to drink wine, swears off bread to lose weight, is elbow deep in baby poop, and considers her proudest recent intellectual achievement learning the difference between a tractor and a digger.

It's the motherhood, baby. And once you are in it, you are in it for good. See below:


What I love about this is that it's frighteningly honest. She pulls no punches and preaches.

So many of these kinds of videos tend to err on the side of cheese. This is anything but. Plus her English accent is to die for. So while we might all be a bit tired of this same, old shtick, trust me. This one will make you forget the rest.

The realities of motherhood are often very surprising even for the most prepared pregnant woman. I DID stay in my PJs for three months after my daughter was born. That's no joke! And I know I wasn't alone in that.

I am not really sure how it will sell cars, but I do know I appreciate the honesty in this far more than I appreciate the cutesy veneer of the "Swagger Wagon." If you watch one more of these videos, make it this one.

Did you feel this mom on her points?


Image via YouTube

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