'I'm a Daddy & I Know It' Makes Dads Look Sexier Than Ever (VIDEO)

daddy and I know itWe may all be tired of "Sexy and I Know It" parodies. I know I am. But let's make sure we get in one more because this one -- "I'm a Daddy and I Know It" -- is by far the best.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that in the world of family lives, daddies do NOT get enough credit. Some daddies may deserve this. But the ones I know don't. I know a lot of hyper involved, hands on, and caring dads. The daddy in this video is one of them.

From what I can gather, he has FIVE children, three of whom appear to be triplets. The youngest ones are adorable and they all seem remarkably well adjusted given how insane that life is. See below:


The reality is caring for five kids under 6 is hard. Period. Male or female.

Even just going to Costco is a chore with so many children, and forget REALLY working out. Lifting children is about as good as it gets some days.

Women (myself included) tend to complain that dads get heralded as heroes for just doing the bare minimum while moms can do all the same things and still get no credit. It's true sometimes. But in this case, I think dads are underrated. If a mom were doing the same, I would say the same.

It isn't an easy row to hoe this guy has. Five kids is difficult and managing them, keeping them happy, AND keeping a sense of humor? Well, sign me up for his fan club. 

Perhaps the biggest problem with parents of young kids (like, um, me) is that we lose our sense of humor. I am uptight FAR more than I should be and I only have two little ones! This dad IS a hero because he is making it all work and still laughing.

I say give that dude a medal. Plus, he's hot. Sexy and we ALL know it, indeed.

Do you keep your sense of humor around parenting?


Image via YouTube

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