1-Year-Old Gets Sworn in as Senator on Capitol Hill (VIDEO)

Senator Chris Murphy babyIt's a big week for the big guys in Washington, D.C., with the new members of Congress being sworn in. So how did a little baby grab the headlines? Turns out spankin' new Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy's baby boy had no problem stealing his dad's spotlight. When Vice President Joe Biden asked the Democrat to raise his hand to take the oath of office, 1-year-old Rider threw his arm up in the air.

The result? Epic cuteness on Capitol Hill. Just watch the little guy in action:


My God, I want to go squeeze him, he's so cute! And Dad took being upstaged at what is arguably one of the biggest moments of his life like a champ, didn't he? Here Murphy is being sworn in as a flipping Senator of the United States -- one of the top jobs in the entire country -- and even the vice president has his eyes on the cute baby!

Ah yes, this is parenting at its best, isn't it? Realizing that you are no longer the center of attention ... and being totally OK with it.

Has your baby ever upstaged one of your big moments? Did you handle it as well as Senator Murphy?


Image via SenateDemocrats/YouTube

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