18-Month-Old Snowboarder Is Like Shaun White With a Binky (VIDEO)

toddler snowboardIt's been awhile since my kids were toddlers, but if memory serves, the motor skill development milestones they were expected to hit by 18 months were along the lines of building block towers and scribbling with crayons and maybe climbing up onto chairs without falling off, or at least without falling off every time. Of course all kids learn and grow at their own pace and all of that, but there's one skill I'm absolutely positive I never ever saw listed under the "18 months" header in any of those parenting books, not even with a little "advanced" asterisk next to it, and that is ... snowboarding. Obviously, right? As if any 18-month-old could really and truly snowboard.

Besides this 18-month-old snowboarding whiz, of course.


Nope, I'm not kidding. 18-month-old Nevek, who lives in Montreal, can snowboard like nobody's business. Are you getting this?! He can't talk yet, but he can snowboard. Which he prefers to do with a binky in his mouth. Oh my god, the cute is going to kill me!!!

You've got to see it to believe it, I'm telling you. His little goggles! And that helmet!!! I love this baby, I love him to bits!! (And, by the way, his dad is with him the whole time and Nevek seems perfectly safe so no need to worry all over the adorable-ness.)

Check out this video below and tell us ...

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your entire life?

Image via HLN

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