Marine Surprises Mom on Christmas by Wrapping Himself Up Like a Present (VIDEO)

military homecomingI want to set the scene for you: It's Christmas. For the first time ever, you're without your beloved son Chase, because he's in the Marines and has been deployed. You walk outside your house and see a giant present. You really have no clue what it is. Your 9-year-old opens it, and, well, guess what happens next ...

Get ready for what's sure to be one of your favorite military homecoming videos yet. This one is adorable.


Check it out:

Before I watched the video, I thought for sure this family knew what was in the present, but judging by their reactions, there's no chance in hell they had a clue. They are genuinely shocked!

The most adorable thing about this, though, is the mom's reaction. The dad's is sweet, too, but mom simply can't contain her excitement. The way she jumps up and down; the way she hugs her son. It literally had to have been the best feeling in the world for her to hold her baby -- who's so often in harm's way -- tightly in her arms. And did you hear her say: "I've been checking your Facebook page!" Imagine how nerve-wracking it would be for a parent to see no activity for a while on the Facebook page of their son who's deployed? (Although, sounds like he came up with some sort of "power outage" excuse to not freak anyone out.)

Everybody loves a military homecoming video, but there's just something extra sweet about this one. Nice going on the surprise, Chase. You're not only a fine American, you're a fine son.

How awesome is this? What's your favorite military homecoming video?


Image via TheBobJohnson1984/YouTube

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