Great Dane Cuddles Baby & All Is Right With the World (VIDEO)

great dane and babyWhat's cuter than a baby and a dog cuddling up together? That was a trick question, obviously, because NOTHING is cuter than a baby and a dog cuddling up together. Especially this particular dog/baby pair, Scooby the Great Dane and Cade (the baby). I'm not sure what, exactly, makes this cuddle session so especially cute ... maybe it's the fact that Cade is approximately the size of Scooby's head? Or maybe it's how persistent Scooby is about nuzzling his wee baby buddy. (The term "gentle giant" comes to mind.) I don't know, but one thing is for sure ...


These two are cute as all get-out. Just watch:

See what I mean? Clearly Scooby (best name ever for a Great Dane, btw) and Cade are friends for life. I wouldn't be surprised if, in another year or so, Cade figures out how to ride Scooby around like a horse. Awww! That's gonna be soooo cute.

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Does your dog cuddle with your baby?


Image via tmell08/YouTube

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