Twin Baby Girls Wage Most Adorable War Ever Over Pacifier (VIDEO)

pacifier warMore than a few times during my daughter's first year on Earth, I pondered looking up the inventor of the pacifier and writing him (or her!) a letter of thanks. With a daughter whose insatiable need to suck knew no bounds, I didn't think you could find a bigger fan of the sucky on this planet. But then a video of twin baby girls having a pacifier war popped up on the Internet and went viral.

More than two million people have been charmed by these sisters grappling for one pink binky, and you're about to see why: 


All right, give me an awwwwww! Twin babies are cute enough, but twin babies battling it out for a binky? I think my ovaries just done flipped, y'all!

Whatever name you want to call it -- binky, sucky, nuk, paci -- these clever little inventions can be a miracle worker for tired out parents, and these little girls' grab-fest proves kids aren't exactly upset with their Moms and Dads turning to a chunk of rubber for relief from the tears! For kids who take a pacifier (I know, some won't), these things are like little buddies who they can't get enough of!

Is your baby a pacifier fiend? Does he (she?) steal it away from other babies?


Image via laurenseger/YouTube

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