13 Hilariously Awkward Christmas Moments (PHOTOS)

I'm not sure how many of you are reading today, but if you're here and it's Tuesday and you're celebrating Christmas, well, Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a wonderful, joyous day full of family togetherness and delicious food and smiles and laughter!

Let's be honest, though: it's probably also full of some other, not-so-Hallmark-worthy moments. That's just the nature of the holidays, all that pressure for a perfect day, and something's bound to fall apart. Like about twenty of your favorite glass ornaments, when your peanut-brained Labrador wags her giant dorky tail into the tree … oh wait, that was our Christmas, back in 2005.

Anyway, if you're struggling with a few rough spots in an otherwise festive occasion, take solace that things could be worse. Here are 13 folks whose Christmas wasn't quite so jolly:


Via Watt_Dabney/FlickrWhoever was planning on visiting Santa on Nog Hangover Day.

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Via MonkeySimon/FlickrThis kid, who has one word for the idea of paperclips as a holiday gift: BULLSHIT.

Via Dan Century/Flickr
Anyone who sat on this guy's lap.


Via Tess
This little girl.

Via BekkiThese little guys.

Via Michelle
This child, who had Santa swapped for the much less frightening Grandma, but is STILL TOTALLY TICKED OFF.

Via jmlawler/Flickr
This cat.


Via tsuaccnt/Flickr
Orrrrrrrr maybe this cat.


Via istolethetv/Flickr
This guy, who clearly lost a bet before doing the "Santa Speedo Run."

Via apes_abroad
This girl's father, after seeing what her boyfriend got her for Christmas.

Via llamnuds/Flickr
These parents, five seconds after the photo was snapped. HONEY THE VACUUM IS CLOGGED AGAIN.

Via satemkemet/Flickr
Anyone who attempts to actually consume a gingerbread house. Mmmm, cement-y.

Via Alison
The baby, whose thousand-yard stare says what many of us may be feeling this week: poke me with a fork, I am DONE.

Do you have any memorably awkward holiday photos?

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