Shocking Santa Claus Facts Straight From Kids (VIDEO)

By now, you're probably in full-out holiday frazzle and could really, really use a laugh. And who better to give you the giggles than kids, especially kids' insights on some of the deeper mysteries of their little lives?

Here's some holiday hilarity from some super-cute and super-funny kids. Host Terri asks a bunch of adorable kids some questions about what they really think of Santa Claus, and the results are nothing short of awesome.


My favorite lines:

Santa is "a weird, big, old guy."

There are 7 billion and 84 elves.

His hair was originally aquamarine.

He met Mrs. Claus in Florida.

He eats steak or chicken when he's not eating cookies (have to offset all those carbs, you know).

And there's more:

What hilarious beliefs about Santa do your kids have?


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Image via CafeMom Studios


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